Are you looking to publish content on the Apple iPhone network but don’t know where to start?

A friend of mine, Michael Logan, whom I had the honour of communicating with during my MediaConnect Asia days has launched Kanchoo to help publishers distribute their content on the Apple iPhone networks in 10 minutes or less.

Kanchoo is the mandarin word for publish.

I initially thought that Kanchoo was for the publishing of iPhone applications but after looking at the video, I realised it was for content distribution.

I have since asked Michael for a beta account to publish this blog on the iPhone network and will share with you how hard/easy to use Kanchoo. Hopefully, it can also help to bring in more readers.

You can visit to find out more about the application, or if you would like for a direct introduction, just drop a comment with your contacts below.

Publishers going on the iPhone is very common these days.

Singapore’s Channel NewsAsia recently announced that readers can now access their sites and videos by downloading an application.

Wrote Channel NewsAsia,

With a click of the mouse on the Apple iTunes website, you can download the App into your iPod touch or iPhone to enjoy the best of Channel NewsAsia and its website on the go. The free download will enable you to view videos on Singapore news and get the latest news updates from around the world.

Wonder if the development of the application is less expensive than using Kanchoo?


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