I was in reservist training for the last week and thus explain this blog lack of updates.

During the training, a CEO of a IT consultancy firm came to me and told me that he has been asked by clients on the possibility of him doing Public Relations for them.

The discussion that followed covered mainly what Public Relations is and isn’t.

1. Public Relations is not Press Relations

I didn’t find it surprising that the CEO kept asking me if I knew any of the IT journalists in town.

I do know a few but that relationship can only get you so far.

My answer to him that it was still vital that the designated spokesperson has something interesting to talk about before approaching the journalist.

Opening an office in Beach Road is only going to get you less than one minute of time with the journalists at the pitch stage.

2. Guaranteed Interviews and Media Coverage

The CEO was constantly asking if the PR agency can guarantee interviews and media coverage if his clients engage the agency.

I said that there are PR agencies who provides such guarantees to get the business.

The good ones, however, don’t.

First of all, the clients have to understand that PR agencies do not own the journalists or the publications they work for.

To increase their chances of getting the journalist interested in the client, the PR agency will have to work with the client to find out what is interesting to the readers of the publications.

Also, do your spokesperson have a bio created or a high resolution professional shot taken to prepare for the interview?

How can you provide guarantees if the spokesperson himself is ill-equipped to face the media?

3. There is more than just interviews

The discussion focused mainly on getting interviews.

I highlighted that there are more than just getting interviews. There are case studies which the client can share with the media.

There are also white papers to consider.

How about using the Internet as the social medium to communicate with your public that includes customers, channel partners, etc?

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