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"Radio DJ announces on air that she 'understands' Twitter, and finds it stupid anyway. Methinks she's the stupid one.” Tweeted Sparklette, aka Veron.

I can’t comment much on this statement as I did not hear of it but here are some reasons why you should use Twitter.

1. Get breaking news!

Many online media organisations are using Twitter to break their news. Some examples include ChannelNews Asia (http://twitter.com/ChannelNewsAsia), B2B IT online site ZDNET ASIA (http://twitter.com/zdnetasia) and Interactive Marketing magazine (http://twitter.com/MarketingEds).

2. Follow your peers

No man is an island and Twitter allows you to reach out beyond your circle friends.

You can look for peers in your same field of interest on a global level.

I visit http://justtweetit.com/ to look for fellow tweeters with similar interests. You can click on their profiles and follow them or list yourself to be followed.

With this larger circle of network, you can increase your knowledge what your peers have to say about your interest.

3. Share links

There are millions of blogs and website out there so if you are reading one, just share it!

I have create a quick and easy way to share links and at the same time update my tweets.

First, create a www.delicious.com account and download the Firefox add-on if you are using Firefox browser.

Second, go to ww.hootsuite.com and link your Twitter account with this online site.

Take the RSS feed from your delicious account and plonk it into hootsuite’s RSS subscriber.

The next you come across an interest site or blog to share, click on the add-on and add it to your delicious.com bookmark.

Now your are sharing!

imageFinally, one unstupid reason to use Twitter is to update your mom if you’re going to stay out late.

If you have any other good use of Twitter to share, just plonk it in the comments field. Don’t be shy, share!

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