Surprised? If you have access to Facebook advertising management system, that’s what it says about the number of users from Singapore.

The top number of users in South East Asia? Indonesia with 2,358,400 users in Q1 2009.

Vietnam has the least number of Facebook users with 63,360 members in the same period of time.

Singapore’s exact number of Facebook users stands at 1,038, 620 users.

Here’s a breakdown of Facebook users from South East Asia.

Country Q1 09 Q4 08
Indonesia 2,358,400 898,360
Malaysia 1,183,860 851,240
Phiilippines 1,030,340 390,700
Singapore 1,038,620 740,220
Thailand 273,780 168,840
Vietnam 63,360 39,120
With all of these users in Asia, Facebook should be sure to have plenty of good server hosting to prevent crashes.


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