I have learn that in terms of the fundamentals there is no difference between traditional, online or social PR strategy. The differences are in the tools used and the approach.

SEO, Wiki, chat-rooms and blogs are just tools.

In the past three months, when I say online PR or social PR, the first question that comes up is "what is the ROI?".

That I feel is the wrong approach as ROI is part of the measurement tool and they are looking at this as the end goal rather than the means.

Hence, I developed my own strategy based around the ROI acronym.

R is for Review. Like in PR1.0, you want to review the media landscape first before you start your campaign. Which publication should you be targeting? Who is the journalist in that publication should you have close relations with?

Review for online PR is to find out where the company or the brand stand in the online space. Do they even have a website ready? What is the online space saying about their company or brand?

One also has to review the company or brand communication protocol. How open is the company or brand is going to be in engaging their public, in this case here, not the press media? Is there any regulation in adding a blog site to existing domain or should you start a micro site to circumvent these issues?

O is for Objective. Once you have reviewed the online presence of your brand, what is the objective the company or brand is trying to achieve from the Online PR strategy?

Is the objective to increase brand awareness via this medium? Increase sales? Or just to use this medium as a two-way communication channel? Or is it to increase hits to their main website?

I is for Integrate. The company can create something new, but wouldn't it be cost-effective to integrate existing content for the online PR strategy. For example, the company has existing written case studies, why not use this case studies as the basis of a script for a online video case study?

Or maybe the company has a good website with strong Google ranking. Why then create a blog just to cut and paste press release? Why not use online tools to channel the views to the blogs.

The success of a PR strategy, whether online, traditional or social, is to have the fundamentals right. 


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