If you are in the real estate business, then its all about Location! Location! Location!.

If you are looking to start your public relations campaign, it is all about the objective.

By having a clear objective in place before your start your PR campaign, it will help you guide your tactical activities from day 1. This include the style of your press release, your target audience, your goals to achieve, etc.

On objective should be both measurable and specific.

Examples of objectives are:

1. Increase the number of visits of your website to 10,000 in a month.

2. Increase the number of registered users to 50,000 in a month.

3. Increase sales leads from your PR campaign to SGD10,000 in a month.

Let’s take example three as a sample objective for your PR campaign.

Now that you know your objective is to increase sales leads, the tactical activities should be as follows:

a. Press Release

Your press release should have a strong focus on what you offer though the title of the release might be different in order to catch the attention of the journalist and readers.

The messaging of your service should also be strongly highlighted during the interview.

b. Target media and audience

With this sales objective insight, you want to target the right media with the right audience.

c. Inform your sales team!

If your target is to increase sales leads, inform your sales team immediately so they can help you with the execution of your activities.

Ensure that your sales team is in tandem with your PR messaging when new sales leads approach them because of the PR campaign. Work with sales team to ensure that you get a quality check on the sales leads they collected so that you can use it in your report as a measurable item.

d. Help your sales team to qualify leads.

If you are looking at digital PR and your release gets pick up by ReTweeters, help your sales team to qualify these ReTweeters for potential sales lead.

As books says everybody in the company should be part of a marketing team, I say that everybody has to play the part of your company’s salesperson!


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