Supermodels go a Tweeting

They reportedly “hijacked” Singapore’s first every Tweetup but can these models of really tweet?

I wonder if tweeting contributes to the scores but let me start with the models who need improving and those who are have nailed the tweeting game.

Let me start off with the bottom 3 and finish up with the top 3 Supermodel tweeters.

The model contestant who needs to improve greatly on her tweeting skill is Kathlene.


As of drafting this post, @Kathlene_SMM only had 5 tweets and a total of 24 words.

Kathlene isn’t a good follower either and she has a following-follower ratio of 0.58. Her only reply is to @Christabel_SMM about Christabel’s snoring that has affected her sleep.

Wonder if the lack of sleep is causing her lack of tweets?

Second to bottom of the Twitter list is @Anna_SMM.

7 updates and no replies yet. We know she misses home and her mom so far, and I bet her next few tweets are about missing her bed, her cat, her room..

She has a better following-follower ratio of 0.89 but I doubt many will follow her due to the lack of updates and replies.


@Evenlyn_SMM rounds up the bottom three model tweeters.

Though Evelyn shared the fact she can put on her pants and shirt within a minute, and tweet at the same time,  Evelyn doesn’t seem to like to converse with others on Twitter.

Evelyn has the lowest follower-following ratio of 0.29 and her tweets seem to be more about her talking to herself and not her followers.

She has more updates than the other bottom two but she needs to improve on being more social.

Now to the top 3 and we start with @emilia_SMM.

Not only is Emilia updating her tweets regularly, she also replied the most to her followers.

Her updates talks to her audience rather than herself, and the topics she raised can be relate by other women like her note about stretch marks and it being a bane to women.


The next top two was a tussle but I give @ciara_smm second spot.

Her use of the twitter background would titillate most of her male followers but it showed at least she is making use of it to give her an additional advantage.


Ciara follows more than she is followed by a ratio of 1.069. She also makes use of the maximum 140 characters in her posts with a bit more details to what she is doing.

The top SupermodelMe.TV Tweeter goes to…


Christabel has the most updates so far among the fellow contestants with 47 updates.

She regularly replies to other Tweeters and fellow contestants, she does need to improve on communicating with followers as the contest moves on in the final stages.

She has also made use of Twitter background to include other creative details of herself.


She needs to be following more to beef up her following ratio though.

If you want to find out more about SupermodelMe.TV, go to Andrew Peter’s blog at


  1. Dee  

    May 26, 2009 at 1:20 AM

    Nice post, would be great to see a follow up article to see how the girls have 'progressed' with their tweeting.

  2. Aaron Koh  

    May 26, 2009 at 8:13 AM

    Thank you for the comments Dee.

    I am trying to get Andrew Peters to see if there is an upcoming event that I can "hijack" to do Qik interviews with the models on their social experience.

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