Turning PR and ReTweets into Sales lead



When my company’s news appeared on TechCrunch, it spurred in close to 1230 retweets and relinks in various social networking sites.

Most significantly was the ReTweets on Twitter.

imageIf I was pure PR, the coverage and retweets would have been able to meet my KPI – key performance index.

Or I would have provide an ad equivalent  value and told my company how much I have saved them if we had to advertise in TechCrunch.

However, I am also responsible for business development in the team.

Hence, instead of celebrating the retweets, I click on retweeters to qualify them to be potential clients.

I qualified them by clicking click on individual accounts and from their profile determine if I should approach them for a demo.

It worked completely as many of those I contacted via Twitter was very interested in the demo and became potential sales leads.

It took time to go through each lead, but the effort was worth it.

The value of doing digital PR is also important for startups looking to go beyond local market to increase value.

URLs are borderless. Plus with communication tools like Skype and WebEx means we didn’t have to be physically in a different location to provide a demonstration.

However, it was also necessary for us to address local market and that is why the local newspaper still played an important role.

Though the announcement in Digital Life came out a week after we made release it, the story here was able to attract local readers.

From the emails we got, it seem with the article in print, these potential sales leads head to the Internet to do a search on us. As we had a week to push the online coverage, many of the sales leads felt very confident to work with us.

Also as part of the PR process, I shared with one of the editors of Digital Life about the email enquires we got from the article. The editor loved it because it provided him with feedback of his readers and the knowledge that there are readers reading his publication.

Every media matters, online or print.


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