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How Christabel_SMM got her groove…

I started the and Christabel_SMM fan page to help Andrew Peters increase traffic to the site using Facebook.

I took this opportunity to volunteer my service as it gave me a chance to experience the advantages of Facebook fanpage over Facebook groups.

A lot can be learned from the last month of activities.

Fan growth is not immediate

Setting up a fanpage is fast and easy, but getting fans may take a longer process.

From this graph, you noticed that it took awhile for fans to join Christabel_SMM fanpage. The first week or so was quite slow with only 14 members. It took lots of interaction to increase the fan base.

I am still trying to determine twhat caused the spike of fans on June 18. Is it because the online show has started and many were trying to find out about Christabel?

As of writing this post, the number Christabel_SMM fans stands at 371 and this was after I threw out the challenge to fans to get more fans to join this fan page in order to beat the other contestants in fanpage standing.

Fanpage is about interaction and contribution

Interaction with the fans as the admin of the fanpage also help to increase the fan count.

One of the contestants, Evelyn_SMM was leading the fanpage race, but the lack of interaction between her admin and her fans resulted in comparative more fan growth then Christabel_SMM fanpage.

Reward your fans

I have been trying my best to get something from the organisers to reward the fans of Christabel_SMM but their responds have been very slow.

If you are looking to create a fanpage, reward your fans occasionally. You could run a simple contest or a short quiz to get the interaction going.

I hope that the organisers will be smart and quick enough to do something that to reward the fans as the fans deserve it for supporting Christabel_SMM.

Remember, the tipping point of a successful social media campaign  is about how you interact with your audience.

If you are thinking of just using social media to push content down, you are not going to get much success in the long run.

You may be popular and you might get quick and sudden spikes in fans, but most important is to keep your fans returning and aim for constant growth.


Hey great post laid out in a very understandable manner.
Your point about "long term goal" VS "short term goal" makes a lot more sense with this case study.

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