It seems the PR agencies here have not learnt how to send bloggers email.

Singapore Blogfather, MrBrown, recently got an email invite from a PR agency and he had to give his 140 characters worth.


An email with “Dear Blogger” means that the junior PR executive have BCCed the entire email list of bloggers and send a mass invite out.

This is another example of using PR1.0 to do PR2.0 stuff that has gone wrong.

Been in the PR field before, I know if you personalised your invites or even pitches to journalists that it might be unappreciated.

The number of PR professionals here easily outnumber journalist 100:1 so probably the journalist might not care if you have personalised the invite as yours could be the 100000 invite for the day.

Bloggers, on the other hand, are still fine with getting invited, but treat them as how you would like to be treated as a friend, more so if you are a stranger to these bloggers.

How would you like to have received an email from somebody that seem to know you and be treated as a total stranger?

If you are sending to bloggers for the first time and you never met them in person, personalised the greeting and introduce yourself.

You can cut and paste the rest of the invites details but always always introducing yourself.

If you know the blogger personally, greet him or her by name in the salutation.


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