It used be the rage to start Facebook Groups, however, with Fan Pages, you can do more.

Facebook recently introduced the Fan Box for their Fan Pages and this Fan Box allows you to add it to your website or blog.

Here’s a sample from the Fan Page.

Supermodelme.TV on Facebook

There are much more to Fan Pages these days.

One of the most important feature of Fan Pages is the demographics option.

This fan demographics is a useful tool to help in creating copy for the Fan Page.

For example, the Fan Page have more female than male fans and a huge majority are from the 18-24 and 25-34 age group.

Hence, the administrators of the Fan Page should have focused content and copy that target this segment. For example, instead of promoting “Skin, skin and more skin” copy which might attract more male fans than female fans, it should have looked at copy which talks about beauty or even beauty tips from Supermodels.

Another interesting feature of Facebook Fan Pages is that it allows you to message to the targeted sex and age group segment.

This means that you could do a mini-site with promotions to the targeted age group and sex, and send them personalised messages to bring them to the mini-sites.

Facebook Fan Pages are providing marketers with more powerful tools to reach out to their fans. Admins should also remember that interaction between them and their fans is key to the success of a Facebook Fan Page, not just inter-fan interaction.


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