Online newsrooms for corporations are often the most neglected section of any corporate webpages.

Most online newsrooms I have seen just slaps links to a press release or corporate coverage and that’s about it.

As a follower to David Henderson’s blog at, I came across this “ideal newsroom” that he and The News Group Net created for the Imperial Sugar Company (ICS).

image Is it a blog or a newsroom? It is Online Newsroom2.0!

David wrote,

To have a meaningful conversation online, a company needs to:

  • Articulate clear points of view on the things that it cares about the most.
  • Identify its own experts and champions to tell compelling stories to advance its case and strengthen its market position.
  • Create ever-evolving public platforms/forums where it can consistently and frequently showcase its views – along with other respected industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Create a forum for sharing comments, generating a conversation and listening.

The ICS Newsroom articulates all the points effectively.

It also amazes me how a Wordpress blog theme can also be used most effectively for a online newsrooms.

I am definitely using this as reference for corporate asking to revamp their online newsroom.


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