DSC_0028(Pic: Friendster is no longer in these teenagers’ lexicon)

I had this assumption that Friendster was every teenager’s start point into social networking. I was proven wrong when I spoke to a group of teenagers to find out if there was a new social networking site that was sprouting out somewhere.

I was at the National Family Council media conference to cover the social media part of the pre announcement of the National Family Celebrations in 2010. This group of teenagers, from 16-18, were volunteers in helping out at the launch.

When I asked if they were on Friendster, they gave me the stare that I was like from another generation. Yes, none of them used Friendster anymore.

Their choice of social network? Facebook.

The reason for not using Friendster was quite clear and simple from these teenagers. None of their friends are on Friendster.

Yes it is a small sample size, the good news is that there is no new social networking site that  I need to look at. The bad news is for Friendster who might see their grip in Singapore to continue to loosen.


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