Forbes picked fourteen power women to follow on Twitter. The list is filled with wonderfulness like:

  • @kriscolvin. Kristi Kolvin is the prom queen of online design, usability and branding. Her design work is engaging—incorporating both homemade or handmade elements and high tech—just like her tweets. You can’t help but like her approachable and engaging delivery.
  • @prsarahevans. Marrying her PR background and a passion for social media (a self-described “Twitterholic”), Evans has developed a devoted following that she likens to “a giant cocktail party.” If there’s any doubt about her guest list, take a look at her following.
  • @jessicagottlieb. It is not an exaggeration to describe Jessica Gottlieb as one of the most decorated guards of the mommy bloggersphere. She will make you blush, laugh and cry with her trademark candor, often calling out other bloggers for poor behavior. Somehow the Twittersphere feels a bit safer because she is in it.

More can be found here.


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