Jay Baer of Convince & Convert wrote an interesting post about the differences between bloggers and reporters.

His post can be found here but the main points can be found here. My comments can be found below.

  • Bloggers are self-made
    Social PR: Most of the bloggers here started their blog from 0 readers to a few hundreds to thousands over the years.

    They create content that are of interest to them not because the brands tell them that it is important to write about them.
  • Bloggers are time-starved
    Social PR: Many PR agencies often in the name of cost savings would like to combine their press conference to get bloggers in during the day.

    Unfortunately, most bloggers have a day job and are often unable to attend during the day.

    So it is important to understand this time factor.
  • Bloggers need traffic and influence
    Social PR: Most of the blogger engagement in Singapore can be summarized in two activities, press releases and events.

    However, most agencies fail to ask themselves how does this relate to more traffic and influence for the bloggers.

    Usually after the event, most agencies would just do a clipping report and send it to their client. That benefits the client but how does it benefit the blogger?

    Agencies should repost the bloggers’ posts on their website or the brand’s website.

    In engaging bloggers, besides just providing content, the agencies should look at they also bring traffic and influence to the bloggers.
  • Bloggers want to co-create content with you
    Social PR: Again, this is an area where most agencies fail and taken the “this is my client’s content and please post about it”.

    The current interviews that I have conducted with bloggers showed that they are willing to participate as it is co-create content with me.

    In return, I link them back and this not only bring readers to their blog, but also increase one more linkback to their site. Linkback is important part of improving their pagerank.


  1. LEon  

    July 6, 2010 at 4:43 PM

    Thanks for sharing the four pointers for handling the bloggers and I agree that make perfect sense.

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