There is Ian, Liam, Kristian, etc at Vocanic and Social PR caught up with Ian McKee of Vocanic to find out more about the social media agency.

Ian McKee Pink Shirt 

Who are you? Ie what are the names of the people on your team?

Ian, Liam, Kristian, Jasmine, Josie, Bobby, Dom, Eileen, Teck Hooi, Ai Hong, Anne ....

What are you? In ten (or so) words, you would describe your agency as: …

A team of people passionate about the field of earned media

Why do we need you? Why should new clients go to you?

Because there is nothing more valuable for a brand than a personal recommendation from one friend to another  - and we help you measure, manage and amplify the recommendation that happens for your brand

Contact? Who’s the best person on the team for new business?

The CEO – the buck stops with him

Best Pitch or Campaign? Please highlight your best pitch or campaign.

StarHub .. too many campaigns to mention .. but including plus and Symantec (Norton)

If your PR agency was an animal, it would be a …?

A fox

Convince an alien just landed from outside the Asia-Pacific, who has only a basic understanding of PR and Social Media, as to why your agency is better than its rivals?

Talent + Experience + Technology + Understanding

Complete this sentence: You wish that media/bloggers would…

Keep it real

If someone wanted to get a job with you guys, how would they go about it?

Be remarkable, be passionate, be entrepreneurial

If you were a great book, you would be…

Tipping Point


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