It seems that Indonesia is the Social Network capital of Asia when it comes to the game of numbers.

Sysomos reported that Indonesia has the highest number of twitter users (2.41% of twitter users) and Indonesian tweeters contributed 2.34% of tweets from October 2009 to November 2009.

In my post yesterday, Indonesia had the highest number of Facebook users in Asia as of December 2009.


While Thailand does not feature in either list Southeast Asian neighbours Indonesia (6th with 2.41%) and Philippines (15th with 1.08%) are included in the top 20 countries based on share of Twitter users.

Analysing Twitter activity and each, Indonesia is 6th (with 2.34% of the world’s tweets), Singapore is 12th (with 0.88%), Philippines is 13th (with 0.85%) and Malaysia 18th (with 0.47%), Thailand fails to make the top 10.

Finally Sysomos looked at individual cities and their share of users and activity. Jakarta is the sole Southeast Asian representative with 0.58% of Twitter users and 0.8% of Twitter activity.

Interestingly Jakarta is the highest ranked city in Asia on either list. Tokyo is only other Asian to make an appearance courtesy of its 0.56% of the world’s Twitter users (ranked 20th) though  it does not feature in the world’s top 20 for activity.


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