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Muthu The Firefighter Isabelle in 3.412 minutes

You can call her Muthu the firefighter if you bump in today’s featured blogger Isabelle at the popular night club.

Social PR chats with Isabelle to find out why she likes cows so much.


Who are you? Ie what is your blog name and your real name. Why did you come up with the blog title?

I am Isabelle.

But you might also know me by my more provincial sounding Chinese name "Xiaoyun". Or "Muthu the firefighter" if you bump into me in clubs when I am high or not thinking staight.

My blog "Isabelle Neo" is named after me and "weecloud" is just a word play on my chinese name.

What are you? In ten (or so) words, you would describe your blog as: …

I am a dreamer and an escapist with a quirky take on life. I blog about topics that interests me, in particular food, fashion, beauty, entertainment and travel. In addition, you also get to view the daily humdrums of (my) life through my eyes. 

Editorial Deadline? Ie when should PRs NOT call?

I was a public relations executive before and I am aware of the challenges that come with the job. As a result, I can completely empathize with the PRs. Although I'd prefer an email (, I'd understand if there is a need to call me. Just excercise your common sense, get straight to the point and don't force me to write it if I am really not interested.

Features list? Do you have one, and if so, where can we get it, and can PRs still pitch to you ideas that aren’t on the list?

Go ahead, and I'll decide if it's relevent.

Perfect story? First, what kind of stories does your blog run? Second, what kind of PR-generated or PR-related stories have a chance of getting a run in your blog?

Generally, topics on beauty, fashion, travel and entertainment (night life) interests me. My readers also love a good laugh, so if you can find a humourous angle for me, you get a higher chance of getting a run.

Tip: Take a nice picture of me at your event and your chances of me featuring it on my blog would be upped. Use photoshop if you have to. LOL.

Contact? What’s the best way for PR to contact you, email or phone best?

Email or SMS

If your blog was an animal, it would be a …?

A cow!! A warm, furry cow with brown spots and long, curly, mascaraed eyelashes.

You will notice that I make a lot of cow references in my blog (email, title etc). I love cows because in my memory, cows are beautiful, warm, animals with brown spots that are always grazing grass. To me, they represent freedom and the celebration of life. My life.

Do you do lunch/dinner/junkets? Why or why not?


Complete this sentence: You wish that PR would…

I have no comments given my relationship with the industry

What stories will your blog be watching closely this year?

Fashion related and more travel related stories. I will also be doing some fun stuff in SauceINK - a new online fashion lifestyle magazine.

Oh I'm also thinking of gaining 100kg and adopting 3 African kids, and perhaps move to New Zealand to pluck apples. Look out for those

If you were a great novel, you would be…

Written in hieroglyphs :D


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