(Update: Sassyjan tweeted that the Inspecting Officer has already contacted her this morning via his assistant.)

Singapore blogger, SassyJan, blogged recently about her experience with loansharks and the “indifference” she felt from the police when she made her report at the police station.

Prominent Singapore bloggers, Cowboy Caleb and Little Miss Fun, have reacted shockingly to the “indifference”.

SassyJan wrote that when she reported the incident to the police, she waited for the inspector in-charge to call her but no one did.

Wrote SassyJane,

He helpfully suggested CCTV, but looked equally as helpless as I was.
His job is to write the report and forward this to the CID Inspecting Officer.
I called said IO again and the phone rung and rung - Nothing.

The police officer said he’ll try to help me call this Inspecting Officer,
but with the same helpless look, told me he will try to email him too,
however, sometimes it might take more than a week to be answered.
To know that internally, they can’t even reach each other was… troubling.

I looked at him in the eye and told him,
‘I am a Singaporean. I believe in the system.’
He smiled and nodded.

At that moment, I’m not sure if he did.

Cowboy Caleb linked SassyJane’s post on his blog and commented,

Local blogger Sassyjan has informed me over email that loansharks are terrorizing her family over some imaginary loan that her recently deceased dad took out. She has approached the police who have thus far been anything but useful.

Sounds incredible? What’s even more incredible is that the police seem to be unable/unwilling to help her.

What’s going on?

Little Miss Fun was more critical of the Singapore Police Force.

Have you ever noticed SPF recruitment posters at bus-stops or MRT stations with a phrase that goes something along the lines of, “Singapore Police Force: We are the reason you sleep soundly at night.“?…

…Does being a normal citizen living in a HDB, and having no affiliates to the more prestigious families mean we aren’t worth their time to deal with these law-breakers?
Really, can we really sleep soundly at night?
Or at least, can they still sleep soundly at night?

IMHO, I don’t think they can…
Not until the loansharks are caught.


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