In 2009 there was a lot of talk about social media, but how do you know if the people giving advice are competent in the field or theorists?

In 2009 this blog I had the opportunity to innovate an event called Blog-Off contests.

These were events that offered social media enthusiasts the opportunity to be measured and show they knew how to apply several of the fundamentals critical for social media marketing effectiveness…

…What Does It Take To Be Effective In Social Media?

Sean Nelson - "The results I achieved were based on tapping into what I call the 4 C's of social media; Communities, Content, Conversation and Conversion." "When it came to the contest I tapped into my networks and benefited from the credibility of the last two years." Email. Blog. LinkedIn.

Sam Diener - "The key to building community is to interact with your readers through your content. Content writers seem to forget that there is an actual PERSON reading their copy. You can't just talk at people... your content has to have a conversation with the reader." Email. Blog. LinkedIn.

Tim Ruffner- "...I tapped into my personal network for input on my writing skills before making it available to my industry contacts. This collaborative process helped me create even more impactful and useful content." Key social networks used included, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Delicious, Stumble Upon and YouTube. Email. Blog.LinkedIn.

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