Agency Monday with Asia PR Werkz

Agency Monday is back!

Social PR had the wonderful opportunity to chat with the ladies at Asia PR Werkz and found out that if their agency would be a novel it would be something like your own ending kinda novel.

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Who are you? Ie what are the names of the people on your team?

Asia PR Werkz - Helmed by Directors Julie Chiang (left), Cho Pei Lin (center) and Lim Wee Ling (right)

What are you? In ten (or so) words, you would describe your agency as: Boundless enthusiasm, intense conviction & commitment, imaginative solutions to challenging communications issues

Why do we need you? Why should new clients go to you? Because they need to communicate. Sometimes, through and with the media, both mainstream and new.

Contact? Who’s the best person on the team for new business? chopeilin(at)asiaprwerkz(dot)com

Best Pitch or Campaign? Please highlight your best pitch or campaign. National Family Celebrations

Convince an alien just landed from outside the Asia-Pacific, who has only a basic understanding of PR and Social Media, as to why your agency is better than its rivals?

We sincerely embrace each client account with passion to deliver client's messages sincerely and from the heart.

Complete this sentence: You wish that media/bloggers would… be in a good mood everyday! That will help to make them happy! :)

If someone wanted to get a job with you guys, how would they go about it? Email us!

If you were a great novel, you would be… a select your own ending kinda novel. Because there are just so many possibilities when it comes to Asia PR Werkz!


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