The respective Singapore agencies might not be interested in SEO, but I found the Alexa traffic rank listing of the various Singapore Ministry website at Singapore Short Stories blog rather interesting.

I have added the Google linkbacks information below.

While the Ministry of Manpower gets the most visitors as reflected by the Alexa rankings, the Ministry of Health gets the most linkbacks.

The Ministry website with the least linkbacks belongs to Ministry of Transport and Ministry of National Development.

I thought MOH high linkbacks were probably due to the Minister blogging but it seems many other health agencies link back to this ministry especially on the H1N1 alerts.

In comparison, I have listed the Alexa rankings and the linkbacks of the popular bloggers in Singapore at the bottom of the list.

If MrBrown was a minister, he would fall somewhere between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports.

Singapore Ministries

1) Ministry Of Manpower (MOM) Website
Alexa Ranking: 53,519
Google linkbacks: 312

2) Ministry Of Education (MOE) Website
Alexa Ranking: 60,882
Google linkbacks: 79

3) Ministry Of Defence (MINDEF) Website
Alexa Ranking: 150,443
Google linkbacks: 502

4) Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MFA) Website
Alexa Ranking: 169,677
Google linkbacks: 155

5) Ministry Of Health (MOH) Website
Alexa Ranking: 294,314
Google linkbacks: 607

6) Ministry Of Community Development, Youth And Sports (MCYS) Website
Alexa Ranking: 453,337
Google linkbacks: 282

7) Ministry Of Trade And Industry (MTI) Website
Alexa Ranking: 801,463
Google linkbacks: 160

8) Ministry Of Home Affairs (MHA) Website
Alexa Ranking: 819,770
Google linkbacks: 152

9) Ministry Of Finance (MOF) Website
Alexa Ranking: 880,771
Google linkbacks: 188

10) Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Website
Alexa Ranking: 1,152,004
Google linkbacks: 111

11) Ministry Of Information, Communications And The Arts (MICA) Website
Alexa Ranking: 1,343,432
Google linkbacks: 151

12) Ministry Of Law (MINLAW) Website
Alexa Ranking: 1,501,067
Google linkbacks: 80

13) Ministry Of The Environment And Water Resources (MEWR) Website
Alexa Ranking: 1,896,938
Google linkbacks: 191

14) Ministry Of Transport (MOT) Website
Alexa Ranking: 2,158,728
Google linkbacks: 72

15) Ministry Of National Development (MND) Website
Alexa Ranking: 2,165,622
Google linkbacks: 72

Singapore Bloggers

Alexa Ranking: 34,179
Google linkbacks: 982

Alexa Ranking: 344,107
Google linkbacks: 1,140

Alexa Ranking: 68,240
Google linkbacks: 241


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