She blogs, not with text, but with her doodles and they won her the Best Hidden Gem category given out at the recent Nuffnang Asia Pacific Bloggers Awards.

Social PR chats with Yih Chien of to find out more about her and her blog.

Who are you? Ie what is your blog name and your real name. Why did you come up with the blog title?

My name is Yih Chien. And I am mastermind behind The Doodle Blog. The name of the blog is the best to describe the content of my blog. That's why I picked the name. =)

What are you? In ten (or so) words, you would describe your blog as: …

Funny and relaxing.

Why do we need you? Why is your blog different? What makes it stand out from the crowd? Why is it special?

I think every blog is unique. However, my standout point would be my doodles. I use to doodling to convey my feelings instead of words. It's easy to understand and it doesn't take a lot of time for the rest to understand my message.

Editorial Deadline? Ie when should PRs NOT call?

I am pretty much available on the internet most of the time.

Features list? Do you have one, and if so, where can we get it, and can PRs still pitch to you ideas that aren’t on the list?


Perfect story? First, what kind of stories does your blog run? Second, what kind of PR-generated or PR-related stories have a chance of getting a run in your blog?

My blog mainly talks about bits and pieces of my life. I would be more interested in tech products or travelling services.

Contact? What’s the best way for PR to contact you, email or phone best?

Email would be the best as I do not attend to my phone all the time.

What kind of stories make a great blog post?

Funny and easy to understand

If your blog was an animal, it would be a …?

A dolphin.

Do you do lunch/dinner/junkets? Why or why not?

Sometimes. When I want to save money!

Complete this sentence: You wish that PR would…

Contact me and sign me up for a contract. So that I could save some money for the future! Or perhaps sponsor some of my traveling trips!

What stories will your blog be watching closely this year?

No particular ones.

If you were a great novel, you would be…

I would rather be a painter! :D


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