Viewers’ Choice 2009 is on again and the winners for this year is quite predictable, especially for the local category.

Obvious Local Winner: Funeral by MCYS

There is no doubt that Funeral by the late director Yasmin Ahmad will win Viewer’s Choice 2009 as it is definitely the viewers’ choice.

Underdogs Local Winners: Tiger Beer’s Guys

How can a beer ad not win viewer’s choice? Scores high for the special effect but the final element of beer goggles making you see your best bud as an attractive lady is kind of a turn-off.

Sure Win International TV Commercial – Walk in Fridge Heineken

My sure winner is Heineken Beer ad about the walk in fridge. It spoofs every women’s dream of a walk in closet.

The other ads don’t create that recall value as this ad.

Underdogs International Winner: Cadbury Chocolate – Eyebrows

How can you say no to kids with amazing eyebrows?

I say Cadbury Eyebrows is quite entertaining and hilarious for an ad.

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