One of the “live” photos at RLW2010 in Fort Canning

Almost everybody owns a digital camera, be it a compact camera, a mobile phone with an inbuilt camera or a DSLR, yet marketers are not taking full advantage of the simplest of multimedia feature found on Facebook Fan Page.

Updating photos “live” on Facebook Fan Page is one of the services I provide for clients especially during event days. The technology is there and affordable to do so as all you need is a netbook with a sd card reader and mobile wireless connection.

Fans like it because it provides them with an update on Fan Page and the photos “literally'” brings the event to them.

Clients like it the service too as it allow Fans to come back to the photo later to comment about the photo.

This is one way of communicating to the people, your target audience.

To reduce the Fan Page updates as spam, I usually take selected photos that talks to the fans.

It is, however, surprisingly, that are not many who are doing the same for their fan pages. They have photographers, but the photographers often take a few days to weeks before they are uploaded.

They use to say a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s digital world, a photo is made of a 1000 1’s and 0’s and also can be worth a thousand views.

And if you can get the views now rather than later on the Fan Page, it has the potential of bringing more new fans to your Fan Page too.


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