Social Media At The IT Show

I was rather surprised that Social Media wasn’t really utilised by most of the brands at the recent IT Show, especially those with fanpages.

Most of the fanpages did announce that they will be at The IT Show with a status update, but the brands should have done more. For example, they could take “Live” photos or even videos at The IT Show.

HP Singapore had no updates on their Fanpage on the IT Show!

The updates are important because when the fans are updated, their friends will also see of their updates. Fanpages can also be used to share links to reviews by the IT publications to set as a reminder to the fans about the product.

Lenovo Singapore did a great job to update their fans!

Handii Computers was my client during The IT Show and the responsibility was to do PR and social media for the client before and during the show.

During the show, and working with the Australian PR team from Touch Marketing Australia, we provided photo updates and shared links of our media out reach that came along during the show.

imagePhoto updates of the show

Sharing links with fans

This constant updates, not only allowed fans to be aware of the latest happening at the show, it also allowed “new” fans who just visited the show to be fans and even share comments of what was seen at the show.

Here’s a plug for the client with some of the online media write-up on the Handii Tablet PCs.

...and Razor TV calls the Handii Tablets an "iPad killer"..


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