When you, as a brand, start a Facebook Fan Page, be prepared for the best and worst from fans.

Tiger Airlines, however, has decided that their Fan Page should only show the good things, and have taken a policy to delete negative comments and ban fans who posted them.

The banned fans have retaliated and started a new Facebook Fan Page about Tiger Airways, “What I hate about Tiger Airways”.

According to TravelAgencyWorld.com.sg, Tiger has deleted posts and discussions which was negative to the brand. Even fans who said “No” when Tiger Airways’  asked “Do you love us” were banned from the Fan Page.

Image from http://www.travelagencyworld.com.sg/tiger-airways-bans-facebook-fans/

Ironically, Derek Yeo, head of marketing at Tiger Airways, in his appointment told Media magazine that he aims to get Tiger Airways to be more personal with the passengers.

From Media Magazine,

“You might be very cheap but if one has to go through a lot of trouble to avail your services it might not be worth it. We obviously reach out to budget and price-conscious travellers but we want to bring value to them not only through price but through a little extra smile, the ease with which they booked and seamless service.”

Given this goal, he has set out to put the airline much more firmly in touch with potential passengers. Here Yeo, a man with clear passion and energy for his brands, has a very definite plan.

Guess Tiger Airways has taken a policy to only smile at fans who “Like” them!


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