My grandparents were quite cool to help one of my clients, Marriage Central, to test out their new game “In His Shoes, In Her Heels’ and to attend the press conference to share their thoughts about the game.

Also, I have to thank my mom who was also present at the press conference to help my grandparents there and with the game itself.

Photo and story appeared in Today (, The Straits Times ( an ZaoBao. 

Back to the serious stuff. If you are a social media consultant and the activity is part of the PR plan, it is also important to share with your clients how many times the story has been clicked or retweeted.

With the advent of, it has become quite easy to do as the tiny url aggregator also includes other users who have shortened the links to the story.

For example, The Straits Times story has been clicked 29 times so far with retweets from 2 source. The Today article has been clicked 39 times from two sources.

The numbers are not impressive, but it gives the client the understanding of where people are visiting to read the story to plan for their next media focus.

I also learnt a thing or two about increasing the visual value from the press conference that could help potential clients with future engagement.

1. Create a foldable backdrop for visual impact

Usually, after the football matches, the players and manager will be interviewed with a backdrop behind them showing the name of the club and the sponsors.

Well, Marriage Central created a similar foldable backdrop with only their brand name and it appeared great on TV.

The white background on the backdrop also helped with the white balance of the venue. The lights at Swensen’s were a combination and fluorescent and incandescent and that played havoc on my camera, even with flash.

2. Place subject against an infinite backdrop for photos

The original seating arrangement for my grandparents was against the walls with mirrors. That do not gel well with photographers as there will be reflection and flash bounce might also create havoc on white balance.

Try to play the subject against an infinite backdrop. This allows the photographer to increase the sharpness of the subject by blurring the background.


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