I heard it wasn’t a pretty sight at the Audi Fashion Show 2010 Open Casting event where local models were rejected at the entrance.

However, what was even uglier, from a social media perspective, was the decision to delete comments and ban fans who made comments asking why local models were rejected for the show.

Again, deleting and banning only results in the banned fans creating a new fan page to address this issue.

Wrote DivaAsia.com,

At least one owner of local modelling agency, Mr Kirk Hsu, 30, who attended the casting call at Clarke Quay with eight of his Singaporean models, were rejected at the entrance. He owns Perspectives Models.

He told The Straits Times: "“The models who went for the casting call fit the stated height requirement of 1.75m for women and 1.8m for men but they were not allowed to go for the casting.

“Anyone could see that most of the models who were allowed were Caucasians and foreigners.”

….After the party, Mr Hsu and other disgruntled individuals, including rejected models, posted comments on the festival’s Facebook page, accusing the organisers of discriminating against local models. Their posts have since been taken down by the festival's organisers.

Others, such as freelance photographer Kwok Tuck Loong, 36, have started Facebook pages that allow members to post their grievances. Mr Kwok's page, Official Movement to support/pay Singaporean models/ Photographers for AFF has attracted multiple comments.

The posting of photos from Diva Asia also that the open casting were mostly made of “angmohs or eurasians”.

A sponsor for The Audi Fashion Show was also dragged into the controversy but the sponsor chose to respond to the query rather than delete the comment.

Tiger Airways also recently deleted negative comments on its fan page and banned fans who posted these comments. This resulted in formation of a fan page which asked fans to post “Why they hate Tiger Airlines!”.


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