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They say the best way to remember a man after he has moved on is to remember the things you have done with him together.

I met Andrew about five years ago during my days at MediaConnect Asia. He was VP with McCorkell and Associates then.

If I was not wrong, he represented Trend Micro. He left McCorkell a year later and started on his PR agency, The Pacific West Communications.

I remembered when I wrote about Andrew starting his own PR agency, I gave the headline with the initials PWC to give the some story some interest with the media and PR audience.

He continued PR and moved on to social media as the medium became more vibrant and garnered interest from his clients.

Though there was a period of struggle, which most businesses experience in the early days, his hard work paid off with the success of the first Tattoo Show in Singapore in 2008.

Andrew’s work on the social media front for The Tattoo Show Singapore epitomised the theory of the long tail - describing the niche strategy of selling a large number of unique items in relatively small quantities – made popular by Chris Anderson.


Andrew never liked this video because he was down with flu when he did this interview.

The Tattoo Show Singapore catered to a niche group of individuals who loved body art but was too niche for mass media to be covering everyday. Social media allowed that sort of coverage for the show and Andrew made full use of it.

Andrew’s success was featured in Marketing Interactive.

Wrote Marketing-Interactive,

"With Facebook, I initially seeded it with 100 of my friends which I thought would be open to the idea of tattoos and then decided to look around the internet and set up Google Alerts for anything related to tattoos or anything related to Chris Garver [a celebrity tattoo artist who was invited to the convention]," Peters said.

In October, Peters created the Facebook Group called Tattoo Artistry as a promotional tool for the event and within two weeks it went from 100 people to 1000. It now has become an online regional tattoo community with nearly 4,000 members.

"I think if any event company not looking at least to engage social media as a way to generate activity for an event before it actually happens, are crazy," he said.

Recognised for his work, Andrew soon took charge of the social media work for

Andrew also worked on projects that involved virtual worlds, starting with Second Life and soon bringing Germany’s Twinity into Asia.

Work aside, Andrew was a friend who supported my endeavours in content creation using the free Internet medium out there.

Andrew volunteered his place for my attempt at doing a Youtube talk show, Princessa and the Little Lamb.

Andrew also helped me get access to the Amara Sanctuary Resort Sentosa for a SauceInk video.

Andrew was more than willing to participate in my idea to feature agencies in this blog, Agency Monday.

Who are you? Ie what are the names of the people on your team?

Independent with a host on online passionate social media friends & agents.

What are you? In ten (or so) words, you would describe your agency as:

Connectiveness is our objective for and with all stakeholders

Why do we need you? Why should new clients go to you?

Social Media Marketing is in its infancy, yet the opportunities SMM offers has been followed and executed with passion unseen elsewhere by the other service agents in this space. Plus we are connected.

Contact? Who’s the best person on the team for new business?

This dude called APLINK

Best Pitch or Campaign? Please highlight your best pitch or campaign.

Singapore Tattoo Show 2009

If your PR agency was an animal, it would be a …?


Convince an alien just landed from outside the Asia-Pacific, who has only a basic understanding of PR and Social Media, as to why your agency is better than its rivals?

Social media & PR go hand in hand - understanding & delivering needs wisdom & empathy which we have plenty of both.

Complete this sentence: You wish that media/bloggers would…


If someone wanted to get a job with you guys, how would they go about it?

Demonstrate passion, creativity, diversity, curiosity & a desire to listen, learn & add value without hesitation.

If you were a great novel, you would be…

The Chronicles of Narnia


As a friend, Andrew was my buddy during my wedding and had the honourable task of eating wasabi spread on bread.


And he was there for my son’s first month celebration in Puchong, Malaysia.


Andrew Peters, you will be missed.


  1. John Kerr  

    April 14, 2010 at 12:45 AM

    A wonderful tribute Aaron. I only had the privilege to hang out with Andrew a few times, but his fierce belief in community give-back and his desire to help/coach always shone through. This morning I'd even made a note to connect for an overdue catch-up on one of the many projects he was always scheming - wish I had done it earlier!

  2. Glen  

    April 14, 2010 at 9:17 AM

    Nicely written mate. As you know we both spent a lot of time with Andrew in the early days of MediaConnect Asia and he really was one of the good guys....

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