I read a Gist sponsored article on “How Journalists are Using Social Media for Real Results” and was wondering if it could be used in Singapore context.

Using the recent Eunos accident involving the SBS bus, I wonder if Twitter can help local journalists source for sources.

From my search, the news breaker badge still  belongs to the mainstream media. However, I did manage to find a sole Twitter witness of the accident.

Maybe deermuffin can help the authorities with the accident.

A trend arising from Twitter conversations about the accident is the discussion of the nationality of the bus driver, whether if he/she was local or from overseas.

If the driver was found to be from overseas, I wouldn’t be surprised to find a few blogs in Singapore discussing rather negatively about SBS Transit’s HR strategy of hiring foreign drivers instead of local drivers.



I am not sure if the below tweets are mentioning the same incident, but it seems that Eunos Link, the accident venue, is quite prone to accidents. Just a day before, there were mentions of a accident in the same area.




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