Meta tags might have been given kick when Google announced that they do not use meta keyword tags in their web ranking.

However, as sharing links become more popular with social networking, meta tags may make a come back.

Why so?

Let’s say the title of the pages in your website says “Welcome to our website!” and the description of the pages says “This is the website of so and so”.

If you want fans to link your site on a social networking site, say Facebook, Facebook will draw the title and description from your meta tags.

So if you description is empty, the description of the link on Facebook will also be empty.

If you link is the boring “Welcome to our website”, I don’t think there will make click through.

Hence, I suggest putting a click to action to your title page and a description that clearly describes the site.

With more sharing links on social networks, your title of website and the meta description of the website have become ever more so important.


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