The next time you see only of the three broadband players saying they can provide good upload and download speeds, take it with a pinch of salt.

Maybe a big tablespoon of salt. recently made their data public and Singapore’s broadband scores not really admirable.

When it comes to download speeds, Singapore is ranked 31 at 8.50 Mb/s after you take away results from schools and corporations.

The Aland Islands, somewhere in Finland, even have better download speeds than us. They are ranked 11 with 16.48 Mb/s.

However, what disappoints me is where Singapore is ranked with upload speeds. 52 at 1.12 Mb/s.

No wonder I get uploads speeds of 20kbps with the Starhub Mobile Elite which promised in their ads up to 5Mbps of uploads speed.

Singapore is being Laos, UGANDA, Kenya, Mongolia and not forgetting the Aland Islands.

I feel that the Singapore ISPs need to re-think their broadband strategy to improve upload speeds rather than promising faster downloads.

With the web moving towards more user generated, the upload speeds make it faster to upload content to showcase our creativeness.

Faster upload speeds =  More creative Singaporeans I say!

Maybe I should ask my MP what he thinks about upload speeds when the election comes.


  1. Xtrocious  

    May 28, 2010 at 7:24 PM

    I doubt your MP knows what upload speed is all about...sigh

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