No, there was no sex tapes at or about The Straits Times last week.

Rather, the Singapore Twitter-verse went berserk over the article that equated the editor of The Straits Times Lifestyle editor, Sumiko Tan, to be Singapore’s “Carrie Bradshaw even before Sex And The City hit TV screens here” (Source).

A campaign, or rather a game, was born in Twitter-verse to show that  #sumikotan is not Carrie Bradshaw.

MrBrown shared a quick summary of the Twitter game in motion.

Wrote MrBrown,

Here are some of our humble alternative suggestions:

@mrbrown: Curry Breadshaw
@missyeley: Carry Trishaw
@miyagi: Lorry Backshow
@lasereraser: Carryher Offshore
@chareli: Hairy Fishmaw
@danielgoh: Carry Backsore
@icemilosiudai: Berri Luoshuo
@inrsoul: Sekali Bedsore
@donaldsng: Carry Ballsloh
@alexischeong: Carry Broadwayshow
@Wolfgang_: Kari Blahshow
@Wilsurn: Corny Backsore
@polalion: Crammy Coleslaw
@dzus77: Whiny Rickshaw
@betshopboy: Fugly Eyesore
@aj21: Scary Lakeshore
@winstongoh: Lorlee Lorsor
@annisthenewpink: Tandoori Porkball

There were a few Tweeters who asked why the marriage of The Straits Times’ editor should be news but Pat Law pointed out “Front page half page full color + full page full color = $81k ROP. Just saying.”

Cloudywind also spoke to Ah Fook to find out why why everyone is pissed with the Editor and her Hurricane boyfriend”.


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