Burma’s reported intend to build a nuclear weapon is scary news. I can only hope that Singapore leaders take a leading role in ASEAN to ensure that we do not have a Cold War or have to face a nuclear holocaust in this region.

This news greatly concerns me and my children’s generation that I have decided to take a break from the usual blogging of social media news.

Assuming that Burma accidentally pressed THE button and somehow directed a nuclear missile at Orchard Road, the effects would be disastrous for Singapore.

The nuclear simulator (below) shows the radius of damage if a 140kt hit the heart of Singapore. Almost a 1/3 of Singapore would be gone.


If it is assumed that the Burmese government have no intention to target Singapore because of our friendly relations, any accident or testing of nuclear bombs in Burma itself will have sever impact to our food sources.

This is seen from the Chernobyl disaster which was highlighted in Wikipedia that after 24 years since the fall out, farms in UK, Sweden and Finland were given restrictions to their food production.

According to a 2009 report, Singapore imported close 99% of its rice from Thailand. Any nuclear winter in that region will see our rice imports severely affected.

One have to easily remember the bird flu and pig swine scare that resulted in shortage in eggs and pork accordingly .

Even the advice to eat fish instead of chickens cannot be taken wholeheartedly as our sea will be contaminated due to contaminated waters from the inner rivers to the Straits of Malacca.

Maybe it is time for Singapore and ASEAN to consider a non-nuclear proliferation to ensure that this region becomes nuclear free.


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