I find it very strange that no one has pointed this out.

The video of the vandalised SMRT appeared on Youtube on May 18, 2010 and the alarm was only raised on May 19, 2010 4pm.

The title of the SMRT video read "[EXCLUSIVE VANDALIZED] SMRT C151 047-048 Graffiti Drawing - Departing Kembangan (Westbound)."

A Google alert set up with the keywords "SMRT" and/or "Kembangan SMRT Station" would have delivered an email to the SMRT mail box of the the vandalised SMRT on May 18 itself.

SMRT CEO Saw Phaik Hwa said, “We deeply regret that a serious security lapse occurred in our depot. I would like to reiterate that every single individual at SMRT must take responsibility for the security and safety of every commuter as well as the entire system.”

In reviewing their physical security measures, SMRT should also look at "listening" to the social media space, through free services or paid one, to maybe pickup what the social media ground is saying. You will never know what might be said or even be alerted of something serious.

Unfortunately, social media monitoring is the most un-sexy part of social media as it is like physical defenses. Physical defenses are considered successful when nothing happens, and in monitoring social media, there could be no mentions of anything special until it happens.

Better safe than sorry.


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