A Citibank advertisement offering discounts on shark fins has come under scrutiny from the Hong Kong social media scene.

Advertisement from http://thedarkside.hk/2010/07/19/cheap-sharks-fin-soup-with-citibank/

Wrote thedarkside.hk,

So promoting restaurants that serve it is perfectly fine, as long as you more or less condemn shark finning two and four months later. And besides, any moral outrage by annoying environmentalist hippies will slowly fade away eventually. Just ask Geraldine Yip, Asia Pacific Head of Marketing at Citibank. As the Chinese totally dig this practically tasteless delicacy, we can only marvel at her cleverness for initiating a campaign involving an awesome 15% discount on a Shark Fin’s and Garoupa set for twelve..

The Shark Rescue fan page has also taken Citibank HK to task.


The irony of this ad is that Citibank supported WildAid anti-shark-fining campaign in 2008.

Wrote www.saveourseas.com,

We have started our campaign to ask corporations not to serve shark fin at any functions. So far Leonovo, Volkswagen and Citibank are participating and we are developing a campaign to build this as a nationwide campaign, featuring leading brands and business leaders explaining why they will not eat or serve shark fin soup.

Here's a video dedicated to Citibank for offering the credit needed to kill more sharks for their fins.


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