You know the cliché, “A photo is worth a million words”, yet it took a blogger to identify a rather unglamorous photo from the billion dollars Marina Sands.

MrBrown, a popular Singapore blogger, was searching for the press release of the opening of the Marina Bay Sands Sky Park when he noticed a photo meant for the press to be not fit for print.

Wrote MrBrown,

I don't think you want the media to download a full-res photo of your fancy garden in the sky, with your construction workers still in it, do you?

You can even see the luminous safety vests they are wearing and the hose or measuring tape still on the ground…

The photo could have been edited to crop out the construction workers before launching it on their media list. Or the photographer could have asked the construction workers to move out of sight for a second or two.

With newsrooms cutting cost and staff, the lack of the sharp eye from a photo editor might lead to this photo being published. When this goes to print, a reader who spots this might think that the Skypark is still in construction even when it has been launched.

Marina Bay should take the opportunity now to update the photo in their press release and give a better shot of a SkyPark.


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