One third of everything Singapore

I wonder if this is just a coincidence but “one-third” is a favourite fraction used in announcing everything Singapore.

In the recent news about Singapore transportation,

But Dr Lim was disappointed the public transport fund to distribute vouchers to low-income families to cope with fares rises, is not being activated since one-third of commuters will see an increase of 31 cents a week.

Of foreign service staff passing English proficiency test,

Only one in three foreigners pass the Service Literacy Test (SLT) started by the Manpower Ministry in May this year to “improve” the standards of spoken English among foreign workers in the service industry, according to a Sunday Times report.

However, it seems like “one-third” isn’t Singaporeans’ favourite number.

I did a Google search and found that “half of Singaporeans” is more popular than “one-third of Singaporeans”.

One third of Singaporeans came in second but slowly catching up with  
“half of Singaporeans” gathered 2,400 results.


“One quarter of Singaporeans” came in a distance third, followed by “one fifth of Singaporeans”.



But as you towards the bigger denomination, search results results in nothing.

By the way, according to Singapore Pools, the number 3333 only came up once as first prize on Sat 15 June 1996.


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