If you have an infant crying for milk or water on the SMRT trains, you are wised to put down your parental instincts to immediately care for your infans’ needs of giving them their fluids. This is because eating and drinking in SMRT trains can result in a fine of SGD500.

SMRT advise that you step out of the train at the nearest station, go to the control station and ask for permission to use their most comfy staff room to give your babies their much needed fluid. You have to do this even if the the next stop is a few minutes away and with your babies crying out loud.

A wailing baby crying out of thirst and hunger is so much more accepted than spilled milk.

If you find this ridiculous, so did Siew Kum Hong.

Wrote Siew,

The clip showed an SMRT inspector asking at least two different adults, each with a baby or toddler in a pram who was suckling from a milk bottle (although one of them appeared to be drinking water not milk), to essentially cease and desist. In fact, the inspector was asking at least one of them to get off the train and go with him to the station staff room, where the baby could drink "in comfort".

WHAT THE...!??

As a parent, the last thing you want is spilled milk. Whenever my son needs his water or milk, I ensure that the bottle is will tighten so it won’t spill on my son. Maybe SMRT assumes that parents today are so irresponsible that they won’t check if the bottle is water-tight.

Somebody also need to share with SMRT that technology has now allowed for baby bottles to be spill proof, otherwise money back guaranteed.

I wonder if SMRT is also against breast feeding on SMRT trains too.


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