There is a Tumblr site that looks to gatekeep the existence of Digital Life.

Called, the site nitpicks on the use of the English language and the lack of technology suaveness of the writers and editors.

The site scans clips of Digital Life to share with its readers and plays the external unofficial role of sub-editor.

Wrote Digital Death,

I am hoping to see this year the Dell Streak which is a 5-inch Android tablet and Hewlett-Packard which is rumoured to be building a tablet based on a Web operating system.

Source: Grace Chng’s ST blog on “Popping the Tech Tablet” (whatever that means)

Apart from the overall terrible sentence structure (no punctuation, equating a Dell product with an entire company leading on into a sentence fragment), our favourite Digital Life editor calls Palm’s WebOS “a Web operating system”, which is a bit of a misnomer at best.

Insiders are already trying to identify who this blogger is. Rumours have it is that is somebody from the inside or somebody who used to be working in The Straits Times.

Whoever it is, it does highlight that Digital Life is worth the read that it has acquired a blogger who is spending his/her days blogging, or rather nitpick, on the weekly.


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