The National Heritage Board is offering free entry to Students, Teachers, NSFs and Senior Citizen. But what about the 2,784 Facebook fans on the I Love Museums page?

One of the biggest problems that agencies and marketing department faced in their Facebook campaign is to identify and reward their online Facebook fans offline.

The Facebook page also does not allow for easy identification of fans. If you click on the “Show All Fans” in the page, you get a whole list of names and many more pages if you fan base is huge.

The easiest way is to upload a JPEG of a form that allows fans download to exchange for the free entry.

Again, the problem of filling forms arises and there is no certainty that the person giving the form is a real form.

The National Heritage Board requires students to produce their EZ-Link card to gain admission for free. also makes use of the EZ-Link card to identify the fan. Take a look at your EZ-Link card now and you can see a UID number on it.

All that The National Heritage Board needs to do is put an API from on their fanpage with an accompanying creative to highlight the promotion.

In that API, fans will then be asked to choose their preferred Tag and Go card, and if you are Singaporean or working in Singapore, you will most likely use your EZ-Link card. Enter the EZ-Link card UID number and viola, is activated.

It also doesn’t cost much to The National Heritage Board to implement the hardware on their end. If POS integration is too complex, The National Heritage Board only needs a netbook (<SGD499 these days), Internet (which is readily available via and a RFID card reader (SGD100 depends on volume).

The counter staff only need to ask the fan to tap on the RFID reader to determine if he or she is a fan.

The National Heritage Board can also turn visitors into Fans of I LOVE MUSEUMs by putting up posters at the entrance of the museums. With more fans, it makes for the fan page a more efficient and effective means of communicate activities within Facebook.

There are more than 10 million EZ-Link cards in circulation and 2.3 million Facebook users in Singapore.  This means that I LOVE MUSEUMS Facebook page has the potential to grow beyond the 2,784 fans today.

This also opens up various promotions that The National Heritage Board can work on. For example, a Fan Day every first Thursday of the month, or even priority entry for fans for special and exclusive exhibitions.

Most importantly, The National Heritage Board will have a report at the end of the day to see the result of real fans turning up at their museums, instead of double guessing the number of fans who do turn up for the promotion.

So National Heritage Board, how about a Fan day to reward your loyal Facebook Fans?


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