The Old Spice viral videos might have been the talk of social media but what does this mean for sales?

SymphonyIRI, Advertising Age research, found that sales for Old Spice during the launched of their viral video increased by 30% compared to the year before but dipped 30% from the previous period.

Advertising Age also wrote that sales increased by 107% vs the prior year in June 2010 when P&G offered coupons for a “buy one get one free” promotion.

What if P&G combined its success on social media and that of traditional offline promotions?

The Old Spice Facebook Page has about more than 800K Likes, but how can P&G, using the same ideas of coupons, reward their fans?

One of the ideas that Taggo came up with after discussions with clients is that such brands that have booths at the retail stores but don’t own or control the POS can make use of the netbook mobility of identifying and rewarding online Facebook Fans offline at these booth.

And instead of these traditional one-for-one coupons, P&G could do something different and refreshing.

For example, P&G could update the Old Spice Facebook Page to say that female Fans who buy Old Spice at participating booths can get a free bouquet of rose or a set of premium chocolate. Which female Fan wouldn’t want to buy something to make their partner smell nice and at the same time be rewarded at the same time?

Or the reward incentivise male Fans to buy more Old Spice. For example, male Fans who buy Old Spice today and is identified as a fan gets a chance to win tickets to a premium sporting event. Taggo provides clients with a report to show the name of the Fan who tap, on which date and on what time. The more taps the fan makes, the higher the chances of winning the tickets. Of course, each tap has to be accompanied by a sale.

As Taggo provides brands with the capabilities to identify and reward online Facebook Page Fans offline at the point of sale, it also gives the brands the flexibility to creative on what to reward their Fans.

How are you rewarding your Fans today?


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