Has success of a local food blogger gone to his head that he demanded for free food from a local restaurant?

Yahoo’s FIT TO PRINT blog wrote about Brad Lau, blogger of Ladyironchef, demanded for free food when he visited Private Affairs with his group of friends.

Wrote FTP,

The blogger in question, Brad Lau, who runs a food blog called Ladyironchef, had informed the management on Friday that he would be coming down to review the Sunday Brunch promotion.

On the day itself, he and his partner came down at about 130pm, followed by his two other companions, each of whom came down half an hour apart.   

According to Private Affairs’ operations director Ross Valentine,  the four of them had brunch until 430pm, even when the restaurant’s official brunch hours was from 1130 am to 330pm. Brad and his partner also enjoyed two glasses of champagne each.

When presented with the final bill of $435, the blogger initially refused to pay and repeatedly told the restaurant’s chef, “I never pay for food in any restaurant.”

The blog in question has also been suspended.

The blogger was indeed in the wrong to demand for free food but did Private Affairs made this clear to the blogger that the meal has to be paid for when the call was made?

If the media called or visited the place, would they be given the free meal? Do media also ask for a free meal or is it expected that they should also be given a free meal?

While the line between bloggers and media blur, it is now more than important for any companies to have a social media policy on how they treat bloggers and even the media.

Unfortunately, this incident has created a backlash for Brad Lau and has affected his said credibility.

One comment on Facebook said Brad used to be a nice person until success came to his head.

Another comment said that he requested Brad to be a friend, if accepted, free food will be given.


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