Singapore politicians are starting to warm up to social networking. Lee Bee Wah, Member of Parliament for Ang Mo Kio GRC, posted her questions for Parliament prior to a seating today.

The notes post was up at 8:21 this morning and there were already 2 comments made with regards to question 1.


Wrote Ms Lee Bee Wah,

1.   To ask the Minister for Education in the recent balloting for admission to primary schools (a) how many schools have to conduct balloting in Phase 2C of the admission exercise; (b) how many children gained admission to the school of their choice through the parent’s volunteer scheme; (c) how many children gained admission to the school of their choice through their parent’s donation to the school; (d)  has the Ministry any plan to fine tune the current system such as giving priority to those who live within 500 metres from the school.

2.   To ask the Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports with the screening of the recent World Cup matches (a) what was the criteria used in the selection of the 16 community centres to screen these matches; (b) will the Ministry consider extending the screening of high-profile sporting events to all community centres in future; (c) how will Singtel and Starhub prevent a repeat of the issues in securing the World Cup broadcasting rights;

3. To ask the Minister for National Development (a) whether the raising of overnight parking charges can adequately safeguard the interests of season parking tickets holders as well as better manage the parking demand at the carparks in HDB estates; (b) what data or studies have been done on overnight parking in HDB estates to support this decision; and (c) what is the Ministry’s plan for other long term solutions to resolve the parking problems in HDB estates.

It will be interesting to see if more MPs will be using FB to communicate to their online constituents as the possibility of a Singapore elections draws closer.


  1. Anonymous  

    September 15, 2010 at 2:47 PM

    Don't be con by this act. PAP MP's on their own have NO initiative or are NOT ALLOWED to take initiative. This is all very much GE wayang.

    Look at the spate of MPs making POLICE REPORTS against members of their own constituencies for allegedly threatening to harm them - the MPs are merely obedient soldiers carrying out orders given by the PAP top dogs to do this after the Seng Han Tong incident.

    Some of the cases reflected very poorly on the EQ and judgement of the MPs concerned. They showed them unable to empathise with the constituents who went all the way to see them for help but in fact found their would-be 'deliverers' delivering them into trouble!!! This can only happen in Singapore.

    Basically, it shows up the MPs as puppets on strings pulled by the PAP top dogs. No minds or initiative of their own.

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