To LIKE a Facebook Page is the “in” of social media marketing, but what does this mean?

The real value is when you, as a brand, are able to bring fans into the store, identify them as a fan and reward them accordingly.

It is the identification of the online Facebook user who have LIKED your page that has always been an enigma. But once you are able to identify your friends,  you can let your imagination run wild with promotions.

This is what The Camera Corner and Cafe Le Caire are able to do now that they are able to identify the Facebook users who LIKE their Facebook Page and reward them at the store.

The Camera Corner has started their promotion activities to bring Fans to the store by giving them a free camera cleaning kit. Once you have your Fans at the store, The Camera Corner can build that offline relationship with their online Fans!


Cafe Le Caire, a Turkish cafe on Arab Street,  has taken another approach to its promotion.

Their approach is to get repeated customers back into the store. Nothing beats repeated customers to the store


These two promotions also highlight the incentives to get a customer, who isn’t a fan, to be a fan. There are many shops that have a small signage to be a fan, but what’s the incentive for the consumer to LIKE your Facebook Page?

Most importantly, the two promotions show how the brands are able to cater to the instant gratification so desired by the social media generation.

The Camera Corner could easily say to a walk in customer, “Sir/Mdm, do you want to be a Fan and activate your ez-link card with Taggo so I can give you a discount every time your shop and tap at my store? Here’s a camera cleaning kit for your effort.”

The posters at Cafe Le Caire Singapore will show the customer the benefits of being a fan of their Facebook Page. 20% off my next bill, that’s an attractive reason for a consumer to return to the store to try the other dish they couldn’t do that previous day.

It is effortless to be a Fan and activate Taggo. Just go to the Facebook Page, click on the LIKE button, click on the taggo me tab, enter your preferred tap and go card and, viola, you are done. All explained in a sentence.

The next thing you need to do is to tap the card onto the RFID reader at the store and the cashier can immediate identify you as a fan.

These are just two of the brands that have announced how they are going to reward their fans at the point of sale once they are able to identify the offline customer as an online fan.  As October approaches, there will be more participating brands announcing their promotions.

Taggo removes the complexity of identifying the Facebook users who LIKE your Facebook Page at the store so the brand can focus on the promotions to bring their fans to the store.

So when was the last time you, the brand, thank your fan for LIKING your Facebook Page?


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