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Brands can now identify and reward fans of their Facebook Pages at a real physical venue

(Update: In the press release, we mentioned the RFID transit card which can be used as the preferred tap and go card. In Singapore, the RFID transit card refers to the ez-link card or NETS Flash cards. Other countries like Hong Kong uses the Octupus card which can also be used.)
Taggo today announced the launch of its patent pending technology that empowers brands the capability to identify and reward fans of Facebook Pages in the real physical world. This allows brands to launch promotions on their Facebook Pages which can be executed immediately at a physical venue.  At the same time, brands can launch in-store promotions to turn customers into fans.

“Facebook Pages are now an essential part of the brands’ social media campaign to reach out to their customers. With Facebook Pages sprouting out by the hundreds per day, it is essential for brands to differentiate their Pages from competitors. The ability to identify and reward their online fans offline in their stores will provide these brands that edge over their competitors,” said Mr Aneace Haddad, CEO and Founder of Taggo.

“Thanking fans at the point of sale also encourages more customers to be fans. With Taggo, brands can now launch in-store promotions to provide customers with pull and push incentives to like their Facebook Pages immediately. The wide adoption of Smart Phones and Wireless computing makes it even easier for fans to like the brand’s Facebook Page on the spot, effectively turning customers into fans,” said Mr. Haddad.

A recent survey has shown that Facebook users are motivated by discounts and promotions to like a brand’s Facebook Page. MarketingProfs wrote that “Over two in five surveyed Facebook users (43%) say they "like," or are fans of, at least one brand on Facebook. Among them, 40% say they like brands to receive discounts and promotions, whereas 39% say they do so to publicly display their brand affiliations to others.” Source -

Brands that have signed up for Taggo include Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore, Cafe Le Caire, Jus Salon, MaggieMoo's Ice Cream & Treatery,Artery, The Camera Corner and SauceINK, and will be launching promotions in the coming months. Please refer to Annex 1 for quotes from the brands’ respective spokesperson about Taggo.

“Our soft launch of Taggo has shown that brands are eager to take this opportunity to thank their fans for supporting their Facebook Pages. Their promotions will also look to turn more customers into fans and provide a quick and easy customer loyalty solution,” said Mr Haddad.

Brands only need to add the Taggo app to their Facebook Pages, which allows fans to enter their preferred tap and go RFID card number. Facebook users in Singapore can choose their existing transit card to be their preferred tap and go device. Those without a local transit card can make use of TAGGO RFID stickers which will be available at participating retail stores.

At the store or venue, Taggo’s fan recognition service is built into the brand’s point of sale system or counter top PC. An RFID card reader is used to immediately identify if the customer at the store is a fan of the brand’s Facebook Page.

In summary, brands with Facebook Pages now have an easier way to identify and reward their online fans offline with Taggo. As Facebook users are motivated by promotions and discounts to join the brand’s Facebook Page, Taggo provides these brands with the capability to identify their fans at a physical venue and reward them offline with the promotions and discounts accordingly.

About Taggo
    Taggo’s patent pending technology brings Facebook fan recognition to the point of sale. Taggo’s tap and go feature lets customers enjoy fan benefits at real-world shops and businesses. This helps retailers attract new customers, increase their fan base, engage and communicate with more customers, and create opportunities for recommendations and referrals. Third party developers use Taggo’s APIs to create loyalty points programs, prepaid top-ups, special discounts, e-coupons, vouchers, etc. for fans of Facebook Pages.

    Annex 1 – Brands who will be using Taggo to launch promotions for fans
    Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore

    “Taggo has given the people who like us on our Facebook Page a new way to feel special. Now, someone who likes our Facebook Page gets more than marketing messages on their wall. We now have a way to recognize them in the restaurant, elevating the meaning of liking our brand while allowing us to reward them for their loyalty.”
    Mr Alex Buchner, General Manager of Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore

    Cafe Le Caire

    “We have always wanted to reward Facebook users who like our Facebook Page. However, the process to identify a customer out of the hundreds of likes is currently a very tedious one.  Taggo's technology will allow these Facebook users the ability to quickly link their transit card to our Facebook Page and enjoy fan benefits on the spot.”
    Jeffery Jumahat, Operations Manager, Cafe Le Caire

    MaggieMoo's Ice Cream & Treatery

    "Taggo’s fan recognition technology will enable us to identify our fans when they make a purchase and reward them instantly. We hope that this will also incentivise them to invite more of their friends to like our Facebook Page and they too can enjoy the upcoming promotions.
    Ms Li Lihui, Managing Director, MaggieMoo's Ice Cream & Treatery

    The Camera Corner

    “Taggo’s fan recognition technology allows us as a retailer to quickly identify and reward our fans without having to invest in a traditional loyalty card program, which can be too costly for a new retail shop like ours.”
    Leslie Joseph, Owner, The Camera Corner

    SauceINK Magazine

    “SauceINK will be using Taggo as a platform for the magazine's membership drive. We will be working with our advertisers to bring Facebook users who like our SauceINK Facebook Page to their retail stores with exclusive promotions and discounts.”
    Sabrina Wang, Editor, SauceINK Magazine


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