I was looking through at the Facebook statistics of a client and I found that “Live” photos updates on your the wall of your Facebook Pages brings about increased LIKES, Page Views and Photo Views to your Facebook Page as opposed to posting a photo album days after your event is over.

First of all, your photo views will obviously increase during the event and trickle in the next few days.

With the photos updated as a status, it will appear on the fans’ wall and the friends of these fans will also see it. As such, this results in more unique page views. I would say the unique page views achieved with “LIVE'” photo updates is almost equal to 50% of the number of existing LIKES. image
With more unique page views, the chances of new Facebook users LIKING your Facebook page will also come naturally. Here, after the posting of the number of new LIKES grew by 300 in total.

Updating “LIVE” photos is just making use of what is available on Facebook. Of course, you would want to control the number of “LIVE” photos or it could be seen as spam. After the “LIVE” updates, you can upload all the photos in an album to continue the interest of the fans who visited the Facebook Page.


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