The Nokia account for both Singapore and Malaysia is up for grabs.

Wrote Marketing-Interactive,

Nokia has confirmed that it is officially holding a re-pitch for its public relations account for Malaysia and Singapore. The final phase of the competitive review is scheduled to kick-off between late September and early October.

According to Hazel Abu Samah, marketing manager for Nokia, the exercise is going to involve multiple agencies. To date, the brand has invited three PR firms to participate in the pitch for its PR business including incumbent Text 100, who has been on the account for five years now.

Though social media is more than just Facebook, but with close to 8 million users in Malaysia and 2.4 million users in Singapore, it is rather surprising to find that Facebook Pages of Nokia for the two countries relatively low.

The Nokia Singapore only has 421 Facebook users liking the page and the Malaysian counter having a decent 2,335 likes on the Page.

If one of the KPI is to increase the number of likes and interaction among fans, agencies pitching for the account may find the suggestions useful.

a. Generate content on everything but the brand

It seems the more you do self-promotion of a brand on Facebook Pages, you get less Likes and comments.

As such, one of the Facebook Page for a MP3 brand which I managed focused on turning it into a music page as opposed to just taking about the MP3 player or the brand.

It achieves two things. First, it moves the Facebook page away from being a wall of complains. Secondly, the content associates itself with what the product can do.

From the Nokia Singapore Facebook Page, there are mentioned about the applications that one can find on the OVI store but are rather short. It is true that in social media, the shorter the better. But wouldn’t it better if there were a weekly review of applications that can be found OVI store to get the fans interacting within the page?

The Nokia Music Facebook Page could also do with a revamp. The last entry was in March 26, 2010. Maybe the person handling the page has run out of content. Taking a content approach to feature the music that can be downloaded would be reason for somebody to like the page and provide the necessary awareness of the music available for download for these services.

b. “LIVE” photo updates of events

Going through the Facebook Pages of Nokia Singapore and Nokia Malaysia, it can be seen that the current PR agency only put up post event photos.

It would be great if the new agency would proposed “LIVE” photo updates of events that take full advantage of the feature of Facebook Pages.

From my experience, “LIVE” photo updates often results in spikes in photo views and also interaction on the page. “LIVE” photo updates of a press conference actually resulted close to a few thousand views and about hundreds of interaction.

It is actually quite easy to do “LIVE” photo updates. All you need is camera, a notebook with mobile wireless and Picassa, for quick editing.

As such, the cost of doing a “LIVE” photo update of an event is relatively low but the returns are tremendous given the number of LIKES, views and interaction.

c. Identify and Reward Fans at Nokia Roadshows with exclusive giveaway

The top motivation for Facebook users to like a brand’s Facebook Page is promotions. However, the question would be for the PR agency is “How do you identify that online fans are physically at the roadshow?”

Call me bias, but I will introduce Taggo which allows for fan recognition at a physical point of sale.

Prior to the roadshow, it is recommended that a promotion be announced on the wall. An example would be that fans who tap at the roadshow will be automatically be entered in a lucky draw to win a prize. The roadshow should also have a poster to encourage customers to  become fan.

Upon tapping, the cashier can identify if the customer has signed up as a fan and enter the purchase value of the fan.

At the end of the event, a report will be given that will allow for the agency to show how much each fan spend at the event in order to qualify for the draw.

In other words, this agency would provide Nokia with a revenue per like return of investment.

With this capability to identify fans at a venue means that the brand can organised dedicated fan days or take advantage of existing media parties where fans are exclusively invited to such a party.

Isn’t it a great way to reward Facebook users who like and follow your Facebook page?


  1. Harro  

    September 7, 2010 at 9:16 PM

    Good insights...

  2. Aaron Koh  

    September 8, 2010 at 12:36 AM

    Thanks Harro.

  3. davidlian  

    September 9, 2010 at 3:26 PM

    Hi Aaron,
    Noticed your post and thought I’d jump in to clarify a few things:

    1. The pitch process that is underway now with Nokia Singapore and Malaysia is for the public relations retainer. Text 100 has declined to repitch the account, see the story here

    2. However, we also hold a separate remit for social media with Nokia and that will continue, as per the above story.

    3. Thanks for flagging up the Nokia Music Facebook Fanpage. We are aware of this legacy page and are in the process of cleaning up previous presences, and unifying all Facebook activity here and here, as you’ve correctly pointed out in the above post.

    Like all feedback, we appreciate your thoughts and recommendations. Thanks again.

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