The National Heritage Board announced a tender recently for “a digital media agency and an online agency to conceptualise it's Explore Singapore! 2010 campaign”.

Wrote Marketing-Interactive,

The social media campaign will include NHB's existing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and and aims to drive traffic and interest to Explore Singapore! 2010's events/activities virally.

According to the tender details, the campaign aims to clear misconceptions and stereotypes about museums and heritage attractions, and reduce its intimidation.

The campaign is expected to run from 20 November to 12 December 2010 and will involve NHB museums and Museum Roundtable members.

As such, is driving traffic and interest to the Singapore! 2010’s events/activities more important than actually getting online visitors offline to the venue?

Online to online conversion is easy to track but the conversion rate has usually been low. Even Google was quoted to say that clickthrough rates of 2% is the average for most campaign.

Should we start changing the mechanics and measure online to offline instead? The question to the agency would be how will they track to online to offline conversion?


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